Roadstar Tires Manufactured by Double Coin Group

Double Coin Group (Chongqing) Tire Ltd was established on September 26, 2007. It is an important off-site investment project between Huayi Group and Double Coin Company in the western region of my country. The Double Coin Tire Group company, Chongqing Textile Holding (Group) Company, Shanghai Double Coin Tire Sales Ltd, and Huayi Group (Hong Kong) Ltd jointly invested and established the project with a registered capital of 600 million yuan

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A Famous Truck Tires Brand

Roadstar Tires, was established in 1921. Since the beginning, Roadstar Tires has been focusing on the ultra-premium commercial tires that deliver high value and operational efficiencies for fleets and owner-operators. Its products include tires for commercial trucks and buses, light trucks, and special trailers.

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